Take a look at Mugunth Kumar’s MKNetworkKit framework at

It is an easy to use network framework, probably the best replacement for the abandoned ASIHttpRequest.

The following reasons might make you switch from ASIHttpRequest:

  • Full ARC based
  • block based
  • handles ETag markers
  • supports operation freezes – requests wait in line in case the device is not connected to the internet
  • new features and bug fixes regularly

Installation and usage

    1. Get the source code from GitHub
      git clone
    2. Open up Build Phases for your current target and add the following libraries:CFNetworkSystemConfiguration and Security


  1. To have appwide access to MKNetworkKit, find the pch file in your project files and after the last import add:
    #import "MKNetworkKit.h"
  2. In case your are building for IOS, delete NSAlert+MKNetworkKitAdditions.h/m,  otherwise delete UIAlertView+MKNetworkKitAdditions.h/m from the MKNetworkKit/Categories folder

You can also order his IOS 5 Programming book on amazon.

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